Phone Chat

Phone chat has almost become synonymous with dating rooms and free chat rooms. You make friends and if you like them, you can become more than friends. But beyond all that, phone chat has revolutionized relationships and the way we make friends. The voice on the other side may be strange but it is something you can like and decide whether to hear more often.

Research says that one-third of people prefer using the internet to find romance and friends rather than other means. The other day, I heard a friend talking to her mother. She was asking her daughter to find a guy she likes on the internet. Though I felt it odd at the time, it is an indication that the perception of the internet as a viable means to join people who think alike is growing.

So I hit their website and noticed the Chat button again. I tried it again and within 10 minutes, my movie was on. As before, I was able to do other things while the process went on, rather than being stuck on the phone. The pizza guy came while I was chatting with the Comcast technician, I let the dog out, a phone call came in, life continued uninterrupted.

Usually, we call one member and that person spreads the word and many times, we just stick to messages. It becomes cumbersome because we have to take turns and call everybody without burning a hole in anybody's pocket. So, it was a nice surprise when my brother said I could try the phone chat with him every weekend. And it worked so well last time that I have made a conscious decision to try it with all the people I like having long chats with.

Another way to break the ice is to ask a person to name one personal item that they can see right now. This put some degree of pressure on the person to be interesting too. By asking for an item they can see, you force the person to pick something fast. Use the opportunity to learn about your date. Be prepared to ask follow up questions such as "What does the item mean to you?" Treat this as a game and keep in mind you will probably have to answer the same questions.

Let's take this a step further. What if an up and coming designer could have an easy video chat with a potential customer? How cool would it be for someone to be able to say - "Yes, it's a great bag. I got to meet the designer on Facebook. She showed lots of different styles. It was awesome. I gave her my credit card right over Facebook and I had it the next day!" If a customer talks directly to a buyer like that, price no longer matters.

Another important aspect of these chat lines are that you don't necessarily need to have a computer to do it. Many mobile phones enable online chat on them. You would just have to register for the GPRS service with your service provider. And there, your friends and family are just a touch away.